Universities in Romania

The University of Oradea is a public University, located in Oradea, in North-Western Romania. With its four colleges and 18 faculties, has a total of 123 fields of study for undergraduates and 151 post-graduate specialization degrees. The University employs 2,003 people, of which 1,237 are teaching personnel, and over 35,000 students (including part-time students and those engaging in distance learning).
Studying at Oradea University is possibly one of the most affordable options available to International foreign medical students. When compared to other European medical schools, Oradea University offers extremely reasonable medical tuition fees and the living expenses in Oradea are more affordable than one would find in Western Europe and other developed nations.

FacilitiesThe University of Oradea has three lecture halls, each with 640 seats, 22 amphitheatres with a total of 1940 seats, as well as 60 lecture and seminar rooms. The facilities of the university in addition have a 200-seat dining hall and two dormitories for boarding students. The new library is still under construction which, when completed, will be one of the largest in Romania. The university has an additional facility at Stâna de Vale, in the Apuseni mountains of Bihor county, which includes accommodations as well as educational and recreational facilities.

Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Oradea, which was founded in 1991, is located in Piata 1 Decembrie 10. It has two sections, one for the Romanian and one for the international students. The international section which has over 500 students from all over the world gives the ability to foreign students to study medicine, in courses taught entirely in the English language. The Faculty has a 6 years curriculum, and the languages of instruction are Romanian and English.