Universities in Ireland

IBAT College Dublin, under the Government and Higher Education Authority (HEA) Springboard initiative is providing the unemployed the opportunity study for free under a range of approved and accredited courses designed to provide training and upskilling opportunities that will improve the future skills of the labour force, in sectors where sustainable employment is predicted to rise as the economy recovers. The design and content of the Springboard programmes at IBAT College Dublin was informed by discussions with external stakeholders with initial consultations centred on current skills shortages and emerging skills needs amongst employers, potential employers and start-up companies. Project management and skills for international financial services are key skills identified in the EGFSN/Forfás Key Skills for Enterprise to Trade Internationally report. These Springboard courses have been developed to give graduates the necessary skills and knowledge base to be workplace ready and competently re-engage in employment. Certificate programmes are level 8 Special Purpose awards accredited by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) (formerly HETAC).

IBAT College Dublin has created an environment in which we can foster academic excellence among our students. This is solidified by a strong commitment to giving an opportunity to study to all those with the potential to succeed, in conjunction with the promotion of lifelong learning. Our long term goal is to continue to pursue an inter-disciplinary approach to education with flexibility and innovation evident in our provision and delivery.